I’m doing the best I can

To be a carer is to have a powerful magnifying mirror
Held up in front of me
Every blemish every flaw revealed and reflected back to me

I tried at first to blame others “No one offers to help!”
To become angry and indignant “I’m not an only child!
The victim then the martyr “Poor me, I’ll have to do it alone!”
But deep inside I knew – couldn’t pull the wool over my eyes

This was just about me my opportunity to learnIMG_1319
And grow into the self I already thought I was
These unattractive traits a blessing in disguise

I have learnt not to shun the mirror
To accept and be tender with myself
‘I’m doing the best I can’ my mantra at these times
For truly I am

The guilt shame and blame that comes with self-persecution
No longer have me in their grip
In the mirror what I see now is an ever evolving consciousness
Full of love and compassion for its human condition…

(written Saturday December 13th 2014)