Deck the Halls…

I do not wish to deck the halls with boughs of holly
Nor do I believe that this is the season to be jolly
I do not desire artificial light and merriment

At this time of year I welcome the silence and the dark
I enjoy watching the colour drain out of the landscape
Leaving us with the subtle muted tones of green and brown

I crave this same process for myselfphoto
A fitting finale to the cycle of the year
I envy nature her truth

I am not afraid of the dark
I do not wish to deny death its moment of glory
Much within me is ready to be committed to the earth
Dust to dust ashes to ashes

Celebration does not always require a fanfare
Let us keep this for long hot fecund days to comeĀ Could we not allow ourselves to rest?

To follow natures example and empty out
Lie fallow
Breathe gently like Mother Earth

And wait…

(written Friday December 12th 2014)