Customer Comments


“I’m delighted with my woven cushions – so beautifully made and such brilliant use of colour. Joan, thank you as always for putting your heart and soul into the things you make.  I shall enjoy looking at them on my sofa for years to come”.


“We loved Joan’s woven landscape tapestry the moment we first saw it.  It now hangs proudly at home for all to see and admire”. 

“Joan has been an ever present feature at our textile festival.  A regular featured artist she has worked with us to promote the wonder of textiles.  We love the vibrancy of her work which is so deliciously textured and tactile.  Joan’s work evokes emotions in the viewer. We also own some of her work, so as avid fans we could not give her a more heartfelt endorsement.”
                                                                                                                                            Viv, SELWAT