For Karen – She Who Listens

Brought to me by love
She Who Listens
Sits and smiles
And the whole world shines from her eyes

An alchemist
Her listening is transformational
Originating in her very soul
And in this moment
She is my ‘anam cara’

She Who Listens
Takes me to distant places never visitedphoto 4
And through her listening
The unknown landscape becomes terra firma
On which I walk unafraid

She Who Listens
Casts her spells as questions
And falling into their magic
I am released like Snow White
From a deep deep sleep

She Who Listens
Scatters soul-dust
And an Oak tree is revealed
Strong of limb in full leaf
Vibrant and fertile

No ivy clings a parasite
Stealing its life-force
Rather a symbiosis is established
A natural pruning
An agreement to nourish
A respectful partnership

She Who Listens
Smiles and laughs and nods
She knew all along
That this is the way it is…