Autumn clear out

I have been having an Autumn clear out
Not as vigorous as a Spring clean
Often more spontaneous
Driven by the anticipated excitement of summer
And a feeling to clear the decks for action

My Autumn clear out is more a gentle pruning IMG_1555
A cutting back leaving space for something new
Things hang more freely, move more easily
Reveal themselves to me more readily

There is room to breathe thinner fresher crisper air
Natures colours thin down to greens golds reds and browns
Their subtle tones easier to see and to enjoy

And with the clear out comes a neatness
Things tidied away, a new order established
A time for fires in the hearth and in the heart
Bonfires – natures funeral pyre
A time to say farewell to the old and play my part in what is to come…

(written Monday September 29th 2014)