When the student is ready the teachers appear

My children have grown me
By both their coming and their going
And I am a better person as a consequence

This has of course
Not always been a comfortable experience
Labour is a painful and messy event
But heralding a most wonderful outcome

Physically emotionally mentally and spirituallyIMG_1329
My daughters have put me through it
Time and time again

And each time I have endured
And sought to understand
And become a better person for it

I used to believe that I was the teacher
And they the students
A consequence of conditioning in early parenthood
But that idea is thankfully long gone
And I am set free to learn

And with their help
I am growing into myself
Learning not to stop or settle
For anything less than full consciousness

These days they are more often than not
Kind and compassionate in their teaching
But I know that if I don’t wake up and pay attention
Labour could become a painful and messy affair again…

(written Tuesday December 23rd 2014)