The University of Family

I applied to join the ‘university of family’
I filled out my application form
Some tricky questions
But I answered them all
Sent it off and waited…

Some nine months later I heard from them
My application had been accepted
They were pleased to offer me a place
Would I kindly show up on February 17th to enrol

I was pleased about the place
Couldn’t wait to get started
The journey was an easy onephoto
And there I was Feb 17th
Waiting in the family to begin my course

In the early years I learnt survival skills
The physical and emotional stuff
It was a proud day when this little ego
Was able to stand on its own two feet

I learnt the art of mask making
And the trickier business
Of selecting which one to wear when

Family history was an on-going core module
Which everyone had to take

I must have been successful
Because before I knew it
There I was a proud part of the graduation ceremony
And it was on to the next stage

I had proved that I could look after myself
Now it was time to learn to care for others   photo
And to make a contribution

I’m not sure why I chose this option
It wasn’t compulsory
Perhaps it fitted well with my family history

It proved however to be more complex
Than I thought it would be
But I’m made of sturdy stuff
And I’m not a quitter
So I knuckled down and kept at it

Husbands children parents siblings
I got to develop my skills knowledge
And experience with them all

I didn’t turn up for the graduation ceremony this time
I’d worked hard and done enough to pass
But the conditioning was wearing off
I wasn’t proud of myself
Felt I could have done better
Didn’t want the diploma

I took a sabbatical to clear my mind
And consider what I wanted from this final stagejoan eytle Kendall
I chose my options more wisely

‘How to wake up’
‘Expanding your consciousness’
And something that caught my eye
That felt familiar

‘I AM that I AM’…

(written Saturday December 27th 2014)