ancestor stick




The soul spins through eternity
Giving and gathering on its journey
At one with The Source
Part of the whole, whole unto itself

Enriched and enriching
Nourished and nourishing
The multi-dimensional self seeks itself
– part and whole –

The weaving begins…
The fabric unfolds…

Soulweaving is the weaving of the many tangible and intangible threads of Life.  It is what connects me to myself, emotions, thoughts, feelings, body; and also how I know myself to be more than emotions, thoughts, feelings and body.

Soulweaving is an inner journey of transformation, the working of spirits invisible threads on the loom of life, bringing me closer to my true nature.

At times I am weaving what is passing from my life – the dull, the discordant, the ugly, the sparse – a letting go of what is false.

At times the loom is the gateway from illusion to reality and what is being revealed through weaving is the natural feeling of oneness with the Universe.

Both the process and the woven tapestry point to something greater than myself.

Weaving as a spiritual practice brings with it the peace, freedom and truth that I have always been seeking.  At the loom I become the observer and the witness of my thoughts and actions and through this distancing  comes the realisation of something beyond me, beyond mind, that I AM