Chasing away the Blues

Here’s my recipe:

To chase away the blues
Change the hues
Take yourself to the park
Just for a lark
Indulge in a long walk
To stop the mind-talk
Use your eyes
You’ll her surprisedIMG_1602
By the beauty you can find
When you switch off the mind
Breathe deep and slow
It will help you let go
Of the thoughts that bring pain
So you don’t go insane
Open your heart
Embrace the dark
Without it there’s no light
You don’t need to fight
That voice in your head
Which fills you with dread
When the blues come
Let yourself be glum
Allow the feeling
It can be very healing
Not to resist or disown
What wants to make itself known
Let it surface and release
It will bring you peace
The blues are your friend
They will help you mend…

(written Saturday October 25th 2014)