A weaver of words

I am a weaver of words and threads
This is my legacy
Weaving myself into Being
And through this weaving
Learning to embrace with joy
The eternal goodness kindness
And giving-ness
That I AM


The writing of: And May It Be Well With Your Soul


“There is a Power for Good in the Universe, greater than you are and you can use It”    

What do you do as a mother when your everyday harmonious and settled family life is cruelly shattered by the sudden and devastating news that something dreadful has happened to your child?

Joan’s daughter Keso left England as a healthy and happy young woman, ready to embark on a new and exciting life in Hong Kong.

Within weeks she was struck down with a serious mystery illness that threatened to take her life.  With thousands of miles between them, there was only one option for Joan -go to China!

We accompany the author as she weaves us an emotional tapestry of light and dark colours, recalling one of the most challenging journeys of her life. She shows us how she used a harrowing situation full of fear and foreboding to develop a deep faith and trust in a Power greater than herself.

Christine King, Principal & Founder MSEC
www.metaphysical society.com

And May It Be Well With Your Soul – available in paperback on Amazon (illustrated)
and in Kindle



Contribution to: The Gifts of Parting
Prose & Poetry on the Seam of Death & Dying
Compiled by Penny Barham

When Penny invited me to contribute to this book I had already met death while caring for my father in his last days, and had unexpectedly been renewed by the painful encounter.

…caring for him finally there were no dark hidden places
As bit by bit the Light illumined everything
And being fully who he was I embraced him and loved him fully…

In The Gifts of Parting I share the last entry in the diary I wrote everyday from my father’s diagnosis to his death; my experience of his departure from this world.