A New Awareness

Each new day unfolds into love and acceptance
But it was not always so
Food, alcohol, shopping, work
All have been used to numb the pain
To fill the void of another empty day

There must be more to life than this!
Would be my silent mantra
As I selected my anaesthetic for the day

IMG_3526And all the time I was blind to the beauty of life
Fearful and faithless I did not know how to surrender
Because I did not know there was a bigger picture
Thought foolishly that I was in control
That this ego was all there is

Then came the day when no anaesthetic would work
And racked with pain I stumbled and fell
Out of control into the darkness

This forced surrender was my saviour
My mantra had been heard
I had fallen into the loving waters
Of the Universal Flow of Life
Swept along to the truth of what I am
A slip stream of this Eternal Life

Immersing myself in this new thought
My ideas about life changed
No longer alone but part of the Whole

Everything appearing in service to me
So that I might serve…