The Road Well Travelled


On the road from Responsible to Teenager                                             photo
I discovered ‘Hold Things Lightly’
The balance point between the two

I had been see-sawing from one to the other
Jolted and jarred by the sudden abrupt movement
Experiencing martyrdom in one, anger in the other

‘Hold Things Lightly’ showed me a third way
Requiring no self-sacrifice, no acting out

“Stay as the observer
If anger comes visiting, let it in
Own it and breathe…

If responsibility hangs heavy
Like the sack cloth and ashes of martyrdom
Don’t pretend its alright

Allow yourself to feel its full unwanted weight
Embrace it and make your peace, it will set you free”

‘Hold things lightly’

No need for struggle, blame, self-loathing
Float easily to the surface – and breathe…

The way lies within you…