Joan Eytle Kendall

joan eytle KendallWelcome! And thank you for visiting Soulweaving.

The two activities that have brought more joy, wisdom and peace into my life than I could ever have imagined, are weaving and working with metaphysical principles.

Weaving came into my life some 40 years ago to anchor me, to connect me to the ancestors and to slow me down. It succeeded, and in so doing opened up an inner journey, which brought me to Metaphysics and the natural Laws of the Universe.

With these two to support me, life feels more like a pilgrimage a transformative journey, with the Self as the destination. This sort of travelling has no end, but is rather a spiralling to a deeper awareness of what it means to live as a spiritual being having a human experience.

When I find myself struggling or in pain, I know that they will help me find a way through it, motivating me, lifting my spirits and filling me with the energy to move forward.  When I feel inspired, creative and joyful, it is because they have returned me to the truth of how wonderful Life truly is!

As a qualified and registered Metaphysical Practitioner, recognised by the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine, and a Weaver and member of the British Tapestry Group, I am offering a unique approach to well-being and personal growth, for those who recognise the benefits of working in this way. A blend of metaphysical coaching with weaving/fibre art.  Metaphysics and weaving are both concerned with combining elements into a complex harmonious whole.

As we work with textiles and fibres, we are transformed into a better mental place. It rejuvenates, energises and restores us to a more positive mood. The work produced becomes a metaphorical object, which helps us to access and explore issues.

Please contact me if you would like more information.

£45 a session
The first session lasts for approximately an hour and a half
All subsequent sessions last for an hour

I also offer Studio Days for individuals and groups interested in learning how to weave. Beginners and improvers both welcome. Please see Studio Days for more information.