Joan Eytle Kendall

Metaphysical Practitioner & Weaver

joan eytle Kendall


As a metaphysical counsellor I am here to make available to you spiritual, psychological and creative tools with which to address the conflicts and difficulties we experience in our day-to-day lives.

But I am also here to help you unite with the peace, truth and freedom of your Original Self.  To help you ‘stay open, quiet and alert… (to)… the unfolding work of Grace’ within. (Mooji)

Metaphysical counselling is a holistic counselling therapy based on Spiritual principles.  This way of working recognises our human condition and the issues we face in our day to day lives, but also sees beyond this to the Inner Spirit – who we really are.  When we are out of alignment with this Inner Spirit we experience conflict and difficulties.

As a weaver I am here to offer you the loom as a tool for exploration and healing. Weaving can be an act of union in which doing and being merge.  On the loom the many and diverse threads come together and gradually wholeness is revealed.  The illusion of fragile separateness disappears.  What emerges is one cohesive tapestry no longer in need of the support of the loom.  

In the same way the many threads of our lives can be explored and reconciled through metaphysical counselling.  You may choose to experience the art of weaving as part of your own self-discovery.